A British-born musician, living and working since 2007 in Poland, Mark's natural environment is the musical stage. He regularly performs with his own swing quartet/quintet, and with Jazmosfera and Wisła Hot 4/5. In 2016 he joined Poland's legendary (and oldest) traditional jazz band the Old Timers. He has composed in many musical styles for himself and other musicians, and for the theatre in Poland and the UK.

His introduction to the Polish music scene was serendipitous. After his first week in Poland, he was invited by a friend to the "Jazz Camping" in Kalatówki ski-lodge, where the first musician he met was Zbigniew Namysłowski. The first musician he actually played with was Janusz Muniak and over the weekend he played with and was made very welcome by several of Poland's finest jazz musicians.

Since this auspicious start he has worked (and played!) with a huge array of Polish and non-Polish musicians including Wojtek Karolak, Stanisław Sojka, Janusz 'Baluza' Kozłowski, Jarek Małys, Bogdan Hołownia, Adam Lewandowski, Maciek Trifonidis, Dima Gorelik, Roger Berg  .......

He is also a very popular business trainer, where he brings several decades of stage and business experience to a wide array of international and multinational companies, training in presentation skills, with Poland's finest soft-skills training company, Klos Training. Click on the 'training' link for more information.

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